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    Customer relations management helps business owners to free up time for making more money.
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  • Customer Relations
    Without the ability to manage your customers effectively loss in revenue is invetable.
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    The ability to have your business at your finger tips no matter where you are.
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CRM Features

Customer Relations Management, empowering your business.

crm sales


Sales Automation, Lead generation and Lead Management.

crm marketing


Email and SMS campaigns and Campaign management.

crm inventory


Vendor and Product management and tracking


Project management, Tasks, Milestones


Invoices, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders.

crm email

Bulk Mail

Send Emails to groups and campaigns.

crm reports


Vtiger is equipped with full analytics via reports.

crm activities


Collaboration through calendering and workflow

crm mobile


There are multiple versions of the Vtiger Mobile App.

crm sms

Bulk SMS

Send buld SMS or SMS notifications from the CRM


Vtiger offers a document management system.

crm support


Vtiger is bundled with a case management system


Why you need a Data management Platform Or CRM

Why is business falling through the cracks?...

% Better Service

Customers willing to move to a better service.

% Missed Opportunities

Quotes that fall through the cracks.

% Halfway There

Buyers halfway through the sales process before they buy.

% Social Media

Clients complaining on social media... worried?



Customer Relations Management.

Fragmented data is a business and time killer, different versions of the same document spread across an organisation causes monumental issues. Imagine having all the same data in once place, updated in real time and all the time. With a well implemented CRM you will have all the critical information at your disposal at the click of a button or the tap of a touch screen. Have your Sales and Marketing teams out in the field for longer with the mobile Apps for Android and iOS.

Gen-X has chosen the opensource route for obvious reasons (the CRM of choice being VtigerCRM), the most important one is being able to deploy enterpise grade software to SME's at a radically reduced cost at radically reduced turn around times, we're here to show you that smaller businesses have the same tools available to them that the larger monoploised corporates do... without the cheeky price tag.

Automate your entire business process from Sales to delivery through a system of workflows, tasks and calendar functions. not only can this be achieved, it can be achieved with rapid deployment schedules due to the web based interface that is easily customisabel without the need for highly qualified technicians or consultants. This is your CRM so why not make it yours, customise it to your specific industry or the way your company operates. This saves time without having to train your staff in a whole new way of thinking, carry on as you were just much more efficiently. because of the versatile and scaable nature of VtigerCRM we can manipulate the sytem specifically for the South African market, CRM in South Africa is a rapidly growing industry more and more companies seek out more efficient methods to control expenditure.

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all Your Data in one place

No more scratching around through multiple versions of spreadsheets in different locations, now all your data sits in a single system of truth.

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